17 August 2012

Bison Bumble

Not often you think to yourself "is this stupid or just plain ignorant?"... here's my story.

About a month ago we visited Tatanka Story of the Bison not far from Deadwood, South Dakota; they have an interesting take on the Lakota people and a nice display of bronze bison.  While there I purchased a product from their gift shop for arthritis discomfort that actually works pretty well.

So, today I stopped by to purchase some more and upon arriving found that you have to pay admission to be able to visit the gift shop; to me that is really kind of silly, but then that is their rule so I handed the lady a $50 and was told that she didn't have enough change since I was the first person there.  In frustration I pointed to the gift shop, just steps away and was still refused to get the merchandise and add it to the fee that would have brought the sale to a much larger amount.  It's no wondering that the place had been open for 45 minutes to an hour and no one was there.

This place is supposedly owned by Kevin Costner; he must either not be a very good businessman or just doesn't care... somebody said he is starting a band; whoopty-doo.  Maybe he could sing a jingle called the

"Bison Bumble"

We will sell our story for a fee and you can't get to our junk for free
don't say buffalo say bison, the Sioux word is not a nice one
We don't think or try to accommodate  cuz we're the story of the Bison Bumble

Unless you want to pay $7.50 per person to hear that Sioux is a bad name and to see some very nice bronze statues... I wouldn't waste my time going there.