29 December 2011

Amazing Technology

About ten this morning as I was having some coffee in Scottsdale, Arizona my daughter texts me for directions using her Blackberry.  She is in Nevada heading for Salt Lake City. I did a quick google for Mapquest and used my iphone to let her know that I-15 was a straight shot.  So, whether serious or not (I tend to believe she was serious) she asks where the nearest Starbucks drive-thru is. My wife has an app on her android called Coffee Fix so I text my daughter to find out what exit she is near... after her response; we figure she is pretty SOL until Mesquite... so I text her the location in Mesquite and she thanks me.

My wife and I look at each other and almost spontaneously smile and say can you remember when...  I remember when we took my great great Uncle to town for some supplies and he saw his first TV in 1963... we both remember punching batch cards and leaving them in the basement of of a building at the University of Wyoming so the computer could run our programs... remember our first Apple II... our first cell phone I carried in a bag... I even remember getting crystal radios at Christmas as a kid and was amazed by the technology... I still get amazed by technology.