27 February 2012

Occupy Thoughts

I have been thinking about the #Occupy Protests across America.

In 1970 when I returned from Viet Nam and got spit at by protesters and later called a baby killer by in a job interview; I somehow made my mind that I didn't much like protesters.

I'm an Old Dog but I don't mind learning new tricks; I understand the anxiety expressed when the #occupywallstreet movement started.  I guess its human nature to try to find someone to blame. 

If I were to join the protest, I would join a cause to change the basic reasons we are so out of whack!  I don't think I can blame Wall Street for the huge debt each of us face due to the ridiculous spending by our federal government.  Wall Street probably wouldn't advise to send billions of dollars in foreign aid and then add billions of dollars to "protect" the people that don't want our protection; just our money. 

It is hard to really know where all the money is but simple research suggests we send around $22 Billion in foreign aid each year.  The military budget is pushing $700 Billion (how much of that is protection services).  I am a strong believer in defenses; I just have a limit to defending the good ol USA.

Recently it was disclosed that the CIA budget is somewhere around the $55 Billion figure.

Ok, we need some of those goods and services, especially the military for national defense. Just think if the government took out say $100 Billion and put it toward upgrading our infrastructure... what a concept; jobs, less welfare, all sorts of collateral energies...

I'm not blaming the rich for being rich or the protesters for protesting; I'm just suggesting maybe we should take a hard look at the way we do business with the rest of the world...

There is something fundamentally wrong with these people that spend Millions of dollars to get a temporary job that only pays in the hundreds of thousands... my opinion they are not worth $100k per year; just look at their history in making poor decisions.

Maybe we should Occupy America!

We see the riots and trouble in Greece; hear about the problems facing countries like Ireland and Italy; again a lot to do with their debt... when is the United States going to wake up and stop raising our debt? Its time for us to take action... its not a matter of redistributing wealth... it is very much a matter of piss poor leadership making lousy choices! And we let them do it to us.
 Found this graph in The Weekly Standard dated 27 February 2012
 Notice the Note embedded in the graph!

09 February 2012

Ethics Bill

I just sent the following letter to my congresswoman. I wish our government could govern themselves better!!! Pleas feel free to write your Congressmen as well... I really don't think they will find my approval by stronger language about their financial disclosures or insider trading rules. Why aren't they ethical to begin with?

Dear Congresswoman Lummis,

I just read that Congress is looking to pass an ethics bill in hopes to better your public image. While I applaud you for being concerned over public image we would rather you listen to us and pass self governing legislation that makes sense.

Pass legislation that places your salary and benefits in the same pool as the military. The pay grades all ready have a system, the Veterans Administration benefits is all you need when you are not reelected (no life time insurance program needed).

Place your staff on the existing GS pay structure. And put an end to spending millions of dollars to get a regular job. Maybe then your ethics will improve.

No you can't fly back and forth to a conflict or war to get hazardous duty pay unless you graduate from a military boot camp and actually come under enemy fire during your visit.

While you are at refreshing your image, put a cap on the office of the president in a similar way; ok, give him 5% more than an O-9.

We the people only hope you have the intestinal fortitude to act appropriately while you represent us. A rewind to reality is long over due.